Friday, October 1, 2010


Ignore the title didn't know what to put. Not a whole lot to update on. We moved into a new apartment. and have finally settled in. Now we just need to pay back the ex landlord and everything will be awesome.

We did the anime convention, and almost broke even XD. But we learned a shit ton for next time so we should be fine. It was a rather interesting experience. A lot of really nice people and a lot of really creepy people also. But what are you supposed to expect.

Seriously not a whole lot more to say (probably because I'm in a rather solitary mood and tired) Meh I'm gonna stop there I will return later when I feel more Into Blogging LOL

Monday, August 30, 2010

Next Up

So yeah, A lot has happened since last we parted ways. Firstly, The house drama continued to get worse and more bothersome. As a result My trip to Deming never happened. I instead came back home and started painting the house. (which didn't turn out that bad). Then My middle sister decided she had enough of the cozy life and decided to run off, multiple times. She has a few issues and psychosis that cause her to cause drama, and as a result of everyone not caring about said drama she has fled the scene, then returned, and left, and was found, and left, and then was hiding with a family member, and again ran away. So atm she is god knows where and claims to have a house and pneumonia. School has also started and I am trying to get back in the swing of things. Had to add/drop a class and pick up an easy one to balance classes and load. (Not as easy as I thought) But hopefully I can get it all sorted tomorrow, or rather later today.

Let's do the good news. Firstly a few of my friends who we had lost contact with have re appeared! Let's say Johnny and Cara. Anyways fgound them again and am helping"cara" with her photography business. Mainly driving, fetching, and some random picture taking. I was commissioned by johnny to build a gaming computer which turned out SUPER awesome per budget and result. So that's awesome. ALSO they are helping me get back in shape, only on day 1 now but things are expected to get better.

OOH also in awesome news. My friend Scott(tehee he's korean) has a booth at a local anime convention selling his art. And I am dressing as my character from his comic. Not as lame as it sounds I promise. I am also helping with the booth in general. So if anyone lives in Colorado go by art at NDK from a Korean kid. Other than that, the entire house is looking for new living arrangements as our lease is up at the end of September.

Other than that I have no idea what else to say at the moment. Other than Stay Tuned for the next installment of someone else's Life, as seen through thier eyes..... So it's obviously skewed... But still has some bearing on the situations and events that occur... but they are skewed.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

In the Beginning there was Angst.

I know that the title I chose is a bad beginning to a any blog. But I felt as though I should be honest. Now lets not get ahead of ourselves.Let's start with introductions.

(walks out the door and comes back in)

Why hello there! How much does a Polar Bear weigh? Give Up? Just enough to break the ice. Hi I'm Topher....

Ok usually you would say," Hello my name is ----------" But I will forgive you this once due to technical difficulties. Next we will get to know each other. I am recently married to the woman of my dreams (cliche I know but there are rules to follow) Her fake name will be Andrea says the random name generator. We live with our two room mates David and Scott (also fake names). They are pretty awesome people Scott is Korean and David has been one of my nest friends for a long time. That's all you get for now.

Now on to the Angst!! Yay, whooo, fun. It's not really all that bad. What it all boils down to is I found out today the household lease is in debt for 2900$. Which for whatever reason is being payed back by me. Now don't get me wrong some of it is my fault but no where near that amount. What makes this stressful evolve into angst is the fact that I am leaving on Saturday to see my Mother and Step Father leaving Andrea to deal with this over the next month. I was hoping to have this delt with before I left But doesn't appear that it will happen that way.

Like I said it's not THAT bad just needed a title and needed to put that down. Like I said I am leaving to visit my family who happen to live in Deming New Mexico. Google map it, go ahead I can wait. Done yet? Yes? SEE It isn't exactly close by. It is also lacking in Internet, phone, cable, and the like. Which will make it difficult to work out issues concerning the home front. I am hoping that i can use my phone down there for actual phone use and also to provide myself with Internet (as I plan to update this daily or tri weekly). But we will see.

Now that looks to be all for now. I will be posting pictures and updates on Saturday evening so keep posted. Feel free to leave any comments or questions here I will maybe reply lol.

Anyways, Ja Matta Ne.