Friday, June 18, 2010

In the Beginning there was Angst.

I know that the title I chose is a bad beginning to a any blog. But I felt as though I should be honest. Now lets not get ahead of ourselves.Let's start with introductions.

(walks out the door and comes back in)

Why hello there! How much does a Polar Bear weigh? Give Up? Just enough to break the ice. Hi I'm Topher....

Ok usually you would say," Hello my name is ----------" But I will forgive you this once due to technical difficulties. Next we will get to know each other. I am recently married to the woman of my dreams (cliche I know but there are rules to follow) Her fake name will be Andrea says the random name generator. We live with our two room mates David and Scott (also fake names). They are pretty awesome people Scott is Korean and David has been one of my nest friends for a long time. That's all you get for now.

Now on to the Angst!! Yay, whooo, fun. It's not really all that bad. What it all boils down to is I found out today the household lease is in debt for 2900$. Which for whatever reason is being payed back by me. Now don't get me wrong some of it is my fault but no where near that amount. What makes this stressful evolve into angst is the fact that I am leaving on Saturday to see my Mother and Step Father leaving Andrea to deal with this over the next month. I was hoping to have this delt with before I left But doesn't appear that it will happen that way.

Like I said it's not THAT bad just needed a title and needed to put that down. Like I said I am leaving to visit my family who happen to live in Deming New Mexico. Google map it, go ahead I can wait. Done yet? Yes? SEE It isn't exactly close by. It is also lacking in Internet, phone, cable, and the like. Which will make it difficult to work out issues concerning the home front. I am hoping that i can use my phone down there for actual phone use and also to provide myself with Internet (as I plan to update this daily or tri weekly). But we will see.

Now that looks to be all for now. I will be posting pictures and updates on Saturday evening so keep posted. Feel free to leave any comments or questions here I will maybe reply lol.

Anyways, Ja Matta Ne.


    haha oh wow

  2. True Brilliance.